Most people who think “criminal defence lawyer” think of the lawyer representing the accused. However, we know that complainants (the person who made the report to police) sometimes need advocacy too. The system can be difficult to understand and navigate, and people who have made complaints to police often need help, just as much as the accused. The outcome of a criminal matter is often very important to complainants, who are often themselves put in a vulnerable position after reporting to the police.

Complainants may need help corresponding with the Crown Attorney to have their wishes heard, for example in cases where complainants wish to regain contact with the accused, may wish to correct a statement they made to police to ensure accuracy, or may want assistance speaking with the accused’s defence counsel. A lawyer can assist with all of these things by contacting the Crown attorney or the accused’s defence counsel for you, reviewing statements, ensuring accuracy, confirming all the necessary steps are taken, and following up as needed.

Further, if the time comes, complainant counsel can assist in preparing complainants to testify at a criminal trial, which can be a daunting task in an already stressful time.

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