R. v N.M.

N.M. was charged with possession of marijuana for the purposes of trafficking. Cassandra was able to negotiate with the Crown Attorney for a plea to a lesser charge of simple possession. She was then able to successfully argue for a conditional discharge on sentencing, which helped the client avoid a criminal record.

R. v T.H.

T.H. was charged with allegedly assaulting and sexually assaulting her former common-law spouse. At trial, Cassandra was able to successfully argue that no sexual assault occurred. The client was found guilty of two counts of simple assault, but Cassandra assisted the client in avoiding a criminal record by successfully arguing for a conditional discharge.

R. v J.B.

This client was severely drug addicted, and as a result, collecting charges for threatening to destroy property, resisting arrest, possession of controlled substances, and breaches of court orders. In addition to assisting the client enter a residential rehabilitation centre, Cassandra was able to have all of her charges diverted and withdrawn using the Direct Accountability Program and the Adult Therapeutic Court. The client is now sober, has resumed a relationship with her mother, is attending school again, and an active participant in After-Care meetings.

R. v J.B.

This client was charged with a number of charges relating to an ex-girlfriend, including sexual assault, forcible confinement, and compelling the commission of bestiality. Following a successful cross-examination of the complainant at the Preliminary Hearing, Cassandra was able to negotiate a resolution of the charges that included a withdrawal of all charges in exchange for the client entering into a Peace Bond.

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