If you have committed a crime, you may receive a probation order as part of your sentence. This is an order from the Court to abide by certain conditions for a specific period of time.

All probation orders will state that you have to keep the peace and be of good behaviour, appear in Court when necessary, and report any change in address or occupation to the Court. Some probation orders will have additional conditions, such as reporting to a probation officer on a regular basis, not to have any weapons, not to consume drugs and/or alcohol, not to contact a certain person or persons, attending counseling as directed by your probation officer, or completing community service hours.

If you are ordered to report to a probation officer, or if one of your conditions is to be supervised by a probation officer (for example, counseling or community service), and you do not abide by the order, your probation officer can charge you with breach of probation. This could result in further entries on your record, as well as a harsher sentence on future charges.

At DeMelo Law, we understand that probation orders can sometimes be difficult to follow. We always take into consideration your needs and unique circumstances when we advocate for your best interests in making a probation order.

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