The Youth Criminal Justice Act encourages the use of extrajudicial measures in all cases where they are adequate to hold a young person accountable. These are solutions that do not require a plea to the charges or a trial. Extrajudicial measures help reduce stigma and labelling of young offenders and give youth an opportunity make amends for their actions.

The Extra Judicial Sanctions (EJS) Program is a youth diversion program created with this goal in mind. In order to take part in the EJS Program, the Crown attorney prosecuting your case must recommend or agree to you completing the Program. Only certain offences are eligible to be dealt with by way of EJS. Examples of EJS include volunteer work, compensating the victim, writing a letter to the victim, or attending specialized programs.

Offenders who wish to take part in this program must be between the ages of 12-17 years old, be willing to participate in the program, and accept responsibility for their conduct. It is important to note that accepting responsibility does not equate to a plea of guilt. If a young offender taking part in the EJS Program fails to comply, the case may proceed through the criminal justice system.

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