According to a report by the Ministry of the Attorney General, Criminal Law Division, young people aged 18-25 account for close to a third of criminal charges and arrests in London. Similar numbers are true in other areas of the province. In response to a Community Needs Assessment done by the Ministry of the Attorney General, the Provincial Government established three Community Justice Centres across Ontario, one in Toronto, one in Kenora, and one in London, each focusing on the needs of the community. London’s Community Justice Centre focuses on “Youth-in-Transition” defined as young people aged 18-25.

London’s Youth Justice Centre had its first official appearance on September 24, 2020, and has been now been running for almost a year. The program, run by the province, and offered through Youth Opportunities Unlimited, is available to youth aged 18-25 who have been charged with an offence, typically a low risk offence. The purpose of the Justice Centre is to connect young people in this age group who have come become involved with the criminal justice system with community supports. These supports include health, education, and social supports to address mental health, substance abuse, education, and employment issues. The purpose of this program is to address the root causes of the offending behaviour and help young people avoid the adult criminal justice system.

Eligible young persons are referred through the Justice Centre Crown Attorney. Appearances at the Youth Justice Centre are currently done virtually through ZOOM. The Justice Centre itself is located at 332 Richmond St. London, ON.

Almost a year in, young people continue to go through the Youth Justice Centre, allowing them to access social supports and avoid contact with the adult criminal justice system.

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