Being charged, especially as a first-time offender, can be intimidating. The criminal justice system is complex and involves a lot of “legalese”, or terminology that might be unfamiliar. Hiring a criminal defence lawyer is a crucial first step in ensuring that your rights are fairly represented and in ensuring that you are fully informed during every step of the process. Our job is to help you navigate your matter, from beginning to end.

When we open files at DeMelo Law, we start by taking care of preliminary procedures, such as requesting disclosure from the Crown’s office and scheduling court dates. In many cases, we are able to appear in Court on your behalf for most standard court appearances. Additionally, we take immediate steps to schedule a resolution meeting with the Crown Attorney, during which we advocate for your rights and your interests.

We always obtain instructions from our clients at every step of the process, from resolution discussions with the Crown Attorney to setting down trial dates. We pride ourselves in keeping in regular contact with our clients and in ensuring that our clients are updated throughout the process. We understand that criminal charges do not define you, and we are proud to boast that we provide judgment-free representation.

Our clients consistently report that they are content with the results of their matter and that they are particularly pleased with the persistence of our team. Have you been charged with a criminal offence? Contact DeMelo Law – 519.204.7966.