In addition to the potential for a criminal record, criminal charges may appear on other types of police records.

For example, some employers and volunteer organizations require police checks as part of the application process. In London, this is referred to as a “Police Information Check” (PIC).

Organizations that work with “vulnerable persons”, such as retirement homes or those that work with children, require a specialized police check, known as a “Police Vulnerable Sector Check” (PVSC) in London. Like a regular Police Information Check, the PVSC reports past convictions of criminal offences in the London Police Services database as well as in the RCMP database. Neither type of police check reports Provincial Offences.

In some exceptional cases, police will report non-convictions on a PVSC if they are concerned about the safety of “vulnerable persons” based on past activity. For example, if you have been involved with the police in some kind of theft activity, but were never formally charged, this may still appear on a PVSC if the police believe that it targets vulnerable persons. In determining whether or not to report this type of non-conviction activity, police consider the “target”, number of similar incidents, nature of the incidents, when the incidents took place, and reasons for non-conviction.

If non-conviction activity appears on your PVSC, you can apply for reconsideration within 60 days of the check. Note that convictions cannot be reconsidered.

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